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Nothing is working to improve my performance...

Hi, I have a property within since one year now and last month has been the worst by far and I am afraid next month will not be good neither, in fact, my search result score is getting worst every day.

I have good revieew score, 9,5, competitive Price, 100% property page and reply scores, better property average daily rate than area average. I am "promoting" my listing and implemented different rate plans with free and no free cancellation options..

Nevertheless, as I said performance is worst than at the same period last year...

Do you have any clue of what I am doing wrong? or missing?

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

no fee cancellation cost you mean, ;)

I think if you contact them and ask an experienced employee you must be able to find how to improve your search results. It could be the settings, but really not sure.

Are you having enough guests?

Maybe the system needs upgrading.

This is one of my questions for Click too. There are some holes in the system. It's needs a new jacket and a new look with easier access and direct links.

Ask for an experienced person to help you!

Happy hosting Nikolas.


Aaltje B.