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Partner Hub online participation

BDC greetings to  All  life is fast pace so is running my small business , my family, (kids all scholars or students) -, extra jobs we have,  co-leading local Bible study group ,just mentioning a few-

  bottom line all our lives are hectic as is -  so is online participation in this Hub or any other forum -

I love all the advice , I grow in knowledge every time i read a good topic or suggestion from Maria, Ilaria, Katarinka12, and a few others - I thank you for value-able input ... also all that is sharing their stories and experiences makes me want to visit them all ....  

I am concerned though that if one do not FIND THE TIME  to participate in these conversations, your score lowers -  irrespective of the actual work - guest service excellence at your guesthouse in real life-  I am not an "online"person and are thus a bit concerned that being at work , might influence our guest perception - which are all based on "image" literally and figuratively.   I do know that BDC needs to pioneer these ideas as its hectic being a Hub host, but thus thank you for not lowering scores just because we do not find the time to be regularly conversation participants - that would be my ideal, what's yours please. 

God bless 


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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hello Benita and thanks for your kind words.   I would love to meet you so please be free to visit my humble home whenever is possible to you!!!

I don’t think that contributing to this Community has anything to do with scoring!!!

What exactly are you referring to???

I love communicating with nice partners like you...and I am so worried and sad that our old partners are not participating anymore!!!

For me I don’t even think of scoring...This season my reservations have dropped 50% but my cancellations have gone way up to 100%!!!

Hurrah!!!I am enjoying my family, relative visitors from Canada, the deep blue sea, the blue sky, the sunrise, the sunset even the wind....all these for free!! 

My dear Benita, time is running no time for worries!!!

Wish you a splendid day!!!