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Partner website (Booking Suite)

 I've got a partner website that only has worked for one or two bookings. I can't get help from as when my messages are forwarded to Booking Suite they say they will get back in 6 days - sometimes 5 days - but never do. I'd prefer to keep all of my bookings on the Booking platform, but with a non-functional partner website, it doesn't happen. I accept bookings by phone from people who try to book on my partner website, but can't. 

Perhaps if I were better organized it wouldn't be an issue. But it's stressful not to have all bookings in one place. What do you do? Thanks.  



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fluff 4 years ago

After culling some agents this year we are still with too many!

Some agents work better at different times of year, one of our main ones is almost dormant now but the best provider in low season.