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Price Performance Dashboard

Hi there

I just received an e-mail from containing the following statement:

"Your accommodation currently holds a score of below 100, below our minimum of 70.This means that, if you  don't  improve your rates quality score, your accommodation will appear below in the ranking of our platform starting from June 25, 2018"

So I had a look at the following help site: /en-gb/help/rates-availability/tips-spotting-and-correcting-unintended-price-differences

It turns out that everything is set up correctly, even the inventory. The problem is that the Price Performance Dashboard compares the price of 1 Bed in the dormitory on Hostelworld against the price of our private rooms in, which is of course lower

Has anyone had the same problem? And if yes how can that be solved? So far I had no answer from the Support. (logged a ticket 5 days ago)

I am afraid that because of this flawed tool we will have a lower ranking and also lose our Preferred Partner Status.



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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the detailed post!

It's something I'm also worried might happen to me. My suggestion always is to speak to a human. Messages can get lost and your Preferred Partnership will be gone with it. Phone a consultant and have a chat with them, maybe there is a super easy fix and they help you over the phone?

Or perhaps another one of our forum-fighters will suggest something better for you.

Best of luck!

(Ps. Please let us know how they helped you if you find a solution.)

Campsheathbarn 5 years ago

Hi there

We have a price quality score of 52 - but not worried by it at all. All this means is that there are cheaper accommodation in our area and simply wants us to lower our prices in line with them so that we can gain more bookings (and they gain more commission).

We don't see the point in lowering our prices further as we pride ourselves on quality and do not want to come across as a place to stay for people on a budget. Some other accommodation providers in our area charge as little as £25 per night - they may be booked up but do people really come back and stay with them and are they making any money once they've paid commission, cleaning bills and running costs. We'd much rather charge more and give a better quality product and service so that people provide us with a good review and want to stay again.

I guess it depends on what type of accommodation you have as to whether or not you want to go into a price war with someone who's cheaper than you just to improve a score which only you can see.

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Fincahostalbolivar 5 years ago

Hi Campsheathbarn

I am not worried about the prices of our competitors in the area and we are not going to change our prices.

Our prices are the same on all Booking channels.

The problem lies within the way how collects the data: The prices of two dormitory Beds on Hostelworld are compared to the price of our private room on

This in turn then creates a wrong Price Quality Score and tampers the Price Performance Dashboard.