Problems with booking

 I have problems with Booking, reported tothem several times!

Namely, My reservation list doesnt show all the reservations, and I am missing the timely hosting the guests.

I have reported this several times to the booking, no real hel received.

I am paying my commissions reguraly and timely.

This is unprofessional!

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi there,

Okay well let's just go over the basics to make sure you are actually open on Booking.com and then we can go to the more complicated things like using the Oppertunities etc. Check if:

1. Your property has been verified
2. You have rooms added.
3. The rooms are Bookable.
4. Your availability shows on the Booking.com website

If those four basics are all A-Okay then you can go on to check your:

1. Prices in comparrison to other properties in the area
2. Profile Quality
3. Visibility boosters and Oppertunities.

Let us know how it goes :-)