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Promoting your rental guestrooms

My wife and I rent-out our house's downstairs guestrooms, featuring two bedrooms, a TV lounge, one full-bathroom and a private outdoor balcony.  Our two-level home is in a semi-remote Northern California mountain community, which does not attract as many rental guests as if we were in a large city.


To help advertise our rental guestrooms, I have done the following:


  • Purchase and maintain our own website ( for $85 per-year through the WebStarts website company.  Our website address is listed on our regional newspaper ads, business cards, plastic writing pens, 25-page note pads, 4-inch x 8-inch advertising rack cards, and on our local tourism office's website for area lodging recommendations.
  • Our full-color rack cards are displayed in area gift stores and wine tasting rooms.  We always carry our rack cards, which we give to visiting tourists we meet in our community.
  • We have a Facebook page, which I often update with upcoming local festivals and special events.  Plus, I post on this Facebook page our most recent positive reviews written by guests.


In addition to Booking,com, I have listed our rental guestrooms on Airbnb, FlipKey, TripAdvisor and Expedia.  So far, Booking,com channels most of our reservations.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Well done Don.

Thanks for posting your promotional tips. 

I have a fb and instagram page...

I want to purchase a web site but it’s to expensive for me.

Maybe next year...

Keep well...