Hi , I'm a bit confused with all the opportunities and will appreciate a partner that could help me. 

I'm in the preferred program, my current commission to booking is 18 %, as I increased it from the original 15%

Now I just joined Genious program also on business because I need visibility and bookings, this means 15% discount to Genious partners. I'm not sure if this will be ultimately for everyone and how long is this active, one week? if it says Genius week? 

I would also like to activate the 10% discount for mobiles and it mention: Staks with Genious program, I don't understand if this means that will be given on top of Genius or not. 

Please advice !,

Kind regards,




Bakeyrabina 3 years ago


yes it is good to activate discount for genius guest because they are booking and often they do not cancel the booking. one hand side we have to say that these guests are often sure guest to check in.

If you do not want to activate then discount then in option you could "turn off"


Analinacuba 3 years ago

Thank you so much for your clarification. I did activate Genius