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The property score should be 100% if we update the Facilities & Services section, We did exactly that and checked that everything was complete, saved it, but the score is still  99% and it still shows that we need to update Facilities & Services, what are we missing please?


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Optmize Vacations 5 years ago


Kindly go in to the facilities and services. And after you've answered all the questions click on

show more and then answer all the questions. Don't skip ; if you don't have those facilities clock NO.

Do it and you will have perfect 100%. Let me know if it was helpful.

All the best !

6-figs 5 years ago


we did just that, but it still does not show 100%. Is there some hidden thing somewhere?

Thanks for helping.

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AG Lodging 5 years ago

Go to Property -> Property page score. All elements that affect the score are listed here.

If something is missing, it should be noted here (parts that are completed are marked with green "Done!").

Pay attention to the point that Optmize Vacations said: unchecked question (neither Yes nor No) is considered missing, answer to all of them (Yes/No) to be counted.