Property Mix-UP

Hey all. Just tapping the community's compound experience to see if anyone else has experienced a similar issue.

For the past 3 weeks our property has been mixed up with another property on Booking.com's online advertising.

In some adverts our property's name is used next to photographs of the other property and the advert is linked to the other property's Booking.com page. In other adverts our property's name is used next to a slide show of mixed photographs of both properties and the advert is link to the other property's Booking.com page.

Also as the other property has very little availability (it is a one unit holiday home) in these incorrect adverts our property never has an ‘available price’ and clicking on the link leads to a 'This property is sold out on our site for your dates' notification.

We have had guests contact us asking if we have changed location and establishment and others confused as to where the hotel is.

Until recently the property had a very similar name to ours and we feel that this is why the mix-up has happened.

We have contacted Booking.com various time and have been told that there is nothing we can do, that they are 'on to it' and that it may take a while to rectify the problem. We have sent them many screen shots and links from the 'mixed-up' advertising.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of mix-up? And if so how long did it take to remedy and did you ever receive an explanation?


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Graham Fisher 6 years ago

Hi Info - never experienced this myself, sounds like a screw up by Bdc's editors - I have found a daily message via the Extranet generally gets a swift response - eventually.

Unfortunately you just have to make yourself a PIA to get a reaction.

hector 6 years ago

Thanks Graham.

We'll just keep on sending our messages via the extranet.

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Breezegh 6 years ago

Probably best to ring Booking.com and them follow up with a telephone call, or vise versa.

hector 6 years ago

We've also done that and we just get told that they're on to it.