Property not showing on search

When looking for my property at booking.com from 09 - 13 July and listing by "lowest price first" my property is not listed at the correct place. After calling your support team, they explained me it was due to the fact that my property is not very popular. 
I find it appalling that even the rating by price I do not appear at the right placement. There is NO excuse for a property to be listed at the wrong place if the client is asking a listing by "lowest price first" it is simple maths and not a super technical big data analysis.

On another occasion I am not even listed (4 - 7 July) whislt the property is available. I raised it with the customer service who will come back to me in 2 days - which means I will have missed the opportunity to sell my property.


Anyone has experienced the same or similar issue?

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there,

I am so sorry to hear about your struggles.

I'm in a similiar situation with one of our properties that is located near the sea. There are SO many properties that ours kind of melts away into the background. I struggle to find it in the searches.

Best you can do is to get Visibility boosters from Booking.com (these will not be free). Not sure what to do about the Lowest price first.

Hopefully our fellow partners can also help with a few suggestions.

Best of luck!

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AG Lodging 5 years ago

There are many factors that affect the popularity of the property. However, the fact that some popularity is low does not mean that it does not exist. Let's check.

- first, open your area and search for it on the map. Zoom it enough into your location. If the property appears - it's here!
- then, try to find it by applying as many criteria as it needs to determine your property. Add all the amenities that you have listed (e.g. wifi, TV, air-condition,...). As you add more and more criteria, this would narrow the results and eventually your property should appear.

If you can find the property in these ways, it's good!

Next, check your ranking on site (Analytics -> Ranking on Site). It will show your rank compared to number of properties in your area. For example, 200/1000 means that there are 1000 properties in the area and your is 200th. If it shows something like 800/1000, this is the reason why it is not shown within first results.

If this is the case, there are lot of ways to improve the popularity. I will not go into details here, because this is not the topic, just to list some of them:
- share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ...
- use visibility booster
- make a web page and put the property link on it
- create a Facebook page and put the property link on it
- ...
You can find many ways how to improve your property performance. In couple of months, come back here and tell us that you have so many guests and bookings :)

Good luck!

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Qiushengproperties 4 years ago


i got a mail from booking.com that my property got listed already,but im not able to find my property in listings ..please help ..Thank you

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AG Lodging 4 years ago

Hello Qiushengproperties

We already explained several steps you can take to check. See the message above.

But if Booking informed you that it is listed, then it's most probably true. Just do what we suggested in our previous post here.

Nemanja Stojanovic 9 months ago

My property is on the map but there is not on the search! 

it's really frustrating that booking does this. for the requested date 18.02.-20.02. my property is one of the few open in that zone and again it is not in the search, it can only be seen on the map, and that is when you zoom in a lot. Why is booking doing this? It's really shameful.

Quinn Burke 7 months ago

My property does not show up on the map nor in searches, but Booking.com says it is listed "open/bookable". I've pretty much given up on Booking.com and just focusing on Airbnb and VRBO.