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Question of the Week: Bathroom must-haves

It’s easy to overlook the bathroom for its functionality, but guests love the extra touches. Given that every guest will spend time there, how do you make this space stand out?

Individually packaged toothbrushes? Spa brand shower gel? Robes and slippers?

Tell us about your bathroom essentials.


Bangurekiliana 5 years ago

I must confess that due to my low pricing entry strategy into the business I almost glossed over the bathrooms by just making sure there are basics like good quality toilet papers, towels and soap so that I do not eat into my already low price.

So thanks Brooke.

Kind regards


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Corangriverbandb 5 years ago

I run a small B & B and as Kiliana has said, with a low price already I dont feel the need to gloss up the bathroom too much with luxury items. We do have boutique ethically made guests soaps with our logo imprinted on them (made for us by a local business) and I also supply quality towels, toilet paper, and have a supply of items in each bathroom that people always seem to either forget or they really appreciate. ( such as cotton buds, makeup wipes, sanitary items, shower caps)

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

My bathroom is completely tiled, so the soft towels and face - cloths stand out.

I do have shampoo/conditioner/bodywash and lots of people use it.

eco friendly it says, so no nasties in it, and not very strongly perfumed, so whatever they use themselves, this stuff won't clash with it.

the face-cloths were recommended by someone in the forum and have quite a few of them now. Though I am thinking of dark-coloured ones, since white .....very hard to clean.

The heater is on the wall, and with one click the space is instantly warmed up. It's small.

A towel heater, very handy to eliminate extra washing, especially for longer term stays.

And some luxury for the men: a mirror with a warming element at the back of it, which means steam free shaving! :)

And last but not least, a big filter outside the house that takes out all chemicals, so chlorine free water.

It has been quite an investment, but this way my property stands out. I don't know of anyone in the area that has chlorine free water. All guests rave about it.

No, we don't have underfloor heating, but honestly, where we are is not much frost.

Thanks for reading, let me know about yours.


Aaltje B.

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Nikhiaish 5 years ago

We have only 10 rooms bath attached. Shower. Hotwater.soap, shampoo. A mirror . .towels slippers also.
Hope guest are happy.
Unfortunately We not get long staying guesst. We are new..
I think if we get long term guest is only profitable

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Benita Cyster 5 years ago

We have the basic requirements such as normal shampoo lotion shower gel etc but added bathroom heater lights to the 2 top floor bathrooms and what a delight our guests - though i must often check up and warn them not to leave it on forever as Eskom is my biggest expense as it is 4 fantastic heating bulbs and can amount to quite a big bill if not used sensibly. We also added a chair to the 2 larger bathrooms which elderly couples find quite useful and appreciate. also we added these mother in law and spekboom plants to the bathrooms thus assisting with indoor freshness. We do get long stays as well but mainly approximate 2 night stays. God bless

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Sonstbbs 5 years ago

I too run a small B&B so don't supply luxury items in the en-suites; what I do offer are bath sheets and hand towels, a pack of fragrance free make-up wipes, face flannels, hand soap, good quality toilet roll and a neutralising room spray!

I have just sourced a soap seller on Etsy who sells her 'cut-offs' so I re style these into individual soaps for my guests who are 2+ nights...they smell wonderful! (A one night stay still has my generic cash & carry hand soap!!)

Top tip for dirty flannels (especially with make-up)....cover flannel in washing-up liquid and rub in. Mix up an oxy style cleaner in boiling water and put flannel in and literally leave it for about a day. Wash with usual hot white wash....v good for oily make-up. This is why I now place flannels on a pack of make-up wipes as guests tend to use these first before reaching for the flannel!

I also write in my description that we don't offer shampoo/conditioner etc so as not to exceed expectations..!

Regards, S

Natalia 5 years ago

We run small self catering business and to begin with used to provide only towels, toilet paper and liquid soap in soap dispenser. But we had customers asking questions about shower gel and shampoo. Also i have purchased wet wipes for make up remover due to white towel being dirty because of that. Having an affordable price for luxury destination as it is ,so i need to limit the expenses.

Zdravko Vukovac2 5 years ago

Towels, toilet paper, hot water, soap and...cleanliness. This is what makes your bathroom a bathroom.

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Gaylagoodman 5 years ago

Hi. I'm new to this so it is very interesting to read everyone's comments. I have a studio apartment suitable for 2 people. I could supply robes but if leaving slippers, are they washable? In different sizes?

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Sonstbbs 5 years ago

Hi Gayla,

I would say it very much depends on your price point to be honest .If you are more of a budget end (like myself) then having a robe per bed space (12) PLUS spares in laundry to replace any that get dirty at probably £15 per robe is just not feasible for me (Never mind if any get taken, by mistake or otherwise) However if your property has a max of 2 people then I think robes would be lovely for your guests as they are more likely to mooch about in a studio apartment than in just a room at a B&B! As for slippers many commercial suppliers of linen/towels/robes etc have the one use ones that can be disposed otherwise a quick glance on eBay....20 pairs for £11.....so I guess it just comes down to budget.....hope this helps, S

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Gaylagoodman 5 years ago

Thank you so much! Your comments are a great help. I will invest in robes. I would love to find some washable slippers. They would be so much more comfortable than the disposable variety. They might not be practical though.