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Question of the Week: Keeping bad weather from ruining a trip

Despite being out of our control, bad weather is one of those things can either make or break a trip. So when your guests’ itinerary isn’t weatherproof, how do you make sure that they still have a good time?

If you’re located in a city, you might have a go-to list of museums, shopping districts and theatres. If you’re in a rural or coastal area, you might have to be a bit more creative. Perhaps you’ve got a collection of board games or library of books that you loan out. Maybe you keep movies ready and offer a cinema night complete with popcorn. Let’s hear your ideas!

How do you keep your guests happy and busy when the weather doesn’t go to plan?


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pibomarco 4 years ago

- Nintendo classic game consoles
- Netflix
- some board games (chess, memory, cards,..)


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fluff 4 years ago

Inclement weather list of places to go....yup.

Library (small, multi lingual but perfectly formed!)... yup.

Reception/restaurant/bar areas also have a much wider selection of TV entertainment than the rooms do.

Cards, draughts (checkers) & "bar games" available.

We've also had a few impromptu parties along the way.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Bad weather doesn’t affect us. It doesn’t last for too long in our place and if it does it’s amazing watching all the thundering and lightning in the sky seating nice and tide in our sofas.. It’s like watching a movie of colors and beautiful shades...Of course we have games, darts etc. but nobody bothers with them.

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Blue Canary 4 years ago

We always have a range of leaflets that have a selection of activities. While we are in South Cumbria and a lot of activities are outdoors, there are plenty of things to do indoors. We try to be as informative as possible with our guests. We generally don’t have cancellations because of the weather.

Info 4 years ago

no such thing as bad weather just wrong clothing !

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Ha!ha!ha! your are so right info....

I like the way you put it....

Thumbs up..... for all weather people...

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

I make that fireplace go blazing hot: think sauna. When guests come in they can dry up in no time, curtains come down and nobody complained :)

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

-Aaltje-B- I love that feeling of sauna.... Whenever we go for snowfight in our mountains afterwards we end up eating in Greek taverns. Most of them have huge fireplaces and everybody seats around getting dried up. So all over the fireplace there are shoes, shocks, gloves, pants, coats.... It seems as your are in a flea market... and of course nobody complaints....

Today is the first of March.... Happy Spring...


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Alice 4 years ago

I would always open the heating ahead of their arrival so they feel cozy and nice when they get in.

I would offer them things to do like good restaurants and pubs and even when the sun is coming for a short pick, I would offer them places to see which are not far from their villa stay in case of bad weather.

Pamelacarty 4 years ago

I'll make sure the rooftop lounge is more active, where they can stay indoors but still enjoy the rain. seeing the rain falling without getting wet and enjoy of a perfect view, glass of wine, cup of tea, coffee, some nice finger snacks with a big screen tv or different section of the lounge I put different channel. one area is sport, one is tv series and the other one discovery channel. And they can choose which area they want to sit and enjoy the rooftop glassview watching the rain fall.You turn a stumbling block into a stepping ladder to have fun!

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Grega Čufer 4 years ago

That is a very good question - having a bed weather to-do list up your sleeve is a must in my opinion. Especialy if you are in the Alpine area like we are.

We have a document on our desktop where our receptionists enter different ideas and suggestions for a rainy day. So far we have different activities listed such as:

- culinary delights - Bled wine tasting and traditional cuisine tours;

- welness center visits;

- local museums;

- indoor family games and board games;

- in the summer - swimming and running, why not! Go outside the box and try something unconventional. Running in the rain or swimming in the rain is a special feeling and experience (if it is not cold enough of course) - few guests tried it and they were trilled :)

All the best!


Theolddairybed… 4 years ago

We have a table with leaflets about all the local attractions and bookcases of books and board games, also we are very lucky to have a fab local pub that is always putting something on.

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fluff 4 years ago


"Come on, come on
Hurry up Harry come on
Come on come on
Hurry up Harry come on
We're going down the pub
We're going down the pub"

English members should know!