One question I understand that Booking.com does not adjust or remove rates then how is it that an establishment in our area have had their rates adjusted overnight and this is not the first time it has happened?  Yesterday they had 195 reviews with an overall average of 9.4 - this morning their total reviews has dropped down to 192 reviews and their overall average has increased to 9.5.  Not so long ago their total reviews were 198 with an overall average of 9.3??

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

After 2 years the reviews are being removed automatically by the system. Or maybe they wrote to Booking and reviews were removed. Rarely it happens.

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Anthurium Apartment 4 years ago

i am supposed to be one of the celebrants for the 2018,Guest of the year for obtaining 8/10, in my review score,i was told a hard copy of my certificate would be mailed to me,Can anyone tell me how,as i have not received it yet