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Reflect on our ratings more acurately

I would suggest that remember about going to math class and doing averages. They should drop the top 5 or 10% and the lowest 5 or 10% ratings to reflect better what an establishment is truly like.

Lets say there was an accident outside your B&B and it kept up the guest all night from the police lights and the sounds of them investigating it and the tow trucks. Or on a snowy night the plows coming by regularly making a lot of noise. Or if the electricity goes out. You as a B&B host can't control those things and if a guest lowers your review score because of those things doesn't give us B&B operators a way to explain (if anonymous) and reverse a low score.

Or another possibility is something actual happened that would lower your score such as forgetting a specialty breakfast for a guest, not making it home when a guest was to arrive or forgetting to tell them there is a new born baby next door to their room.

So I suggest that you drop the highest and lowest scores to better reflect the normal every day operations of our places, not the things that happen that are out of the ordinary. You would still list the poor review as it was written from the prospective of the guest, but not include it in the overall score formula IF it fell within the 5 or 10% rule listed above. Of course if a lot of people gave a low score the ratings would suffer. But one bad review takes forever to recover from. I think that's not fair.

Wayne TGH B&B Owner

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pibomarco 5 years ago

Is score 10 a true reflection of the establishment? It isn't.