review done on wrong property

A very happy guest, elderly couple, have left us a review of 7.5 for all questions.

The problem is they have left it for us but it was meant for a different property that they stayed in on their journey. They were obviously confused and chose the wrong property when they wrote the less than good review.

I sent them a text and have had an apology and they admitted that it was their mistake as we would have received a 10 for all categories.

They have said they will "try" to change it but have not done so. I have sent copies of allthe text conversation with them, to Booking.

Booking have refused to contact them and have basically told me the customer has to do it because of data protection etc etc it not for them to sort out.

How can I get this resolved because if I keep hassling the customer they could get upset and I will still have a wrong score and a bad review.

Booking seem uninterested in my problem.

consuelo ruiz 4 years ago

I had the same problem, but booking does not erase it.
The only thing that can be done is to respond to the comment, and say that they did not stay at your establishment, but that does not improve the score.
If the client does not, there is nothing else to do.