Review scores


I need to know the classifications for the property's score; i.e if the score is above 8 is it considered very good? 


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Ginascott57 5 years ago

I think it is. Because there are so many variances to be taken into account with the scores.

EG. You might have one room and your guests get the same experience when they stay.

I on the other hand have five different accommodation types, I get a very mixed bag of guests and experiences, to the point of them choosing the cheepest and expecting the best.

Mcdanielhugh 5 years ago

Tough call to work out..what scores are your competitors getting? And how are reservation numbers? Top scores don't always equate to increase numbers of guests..what brings guests into your area.? Contractors and reps want a warm bed and big breakfast with fast service and do not worry about your review scores...Who are your customers??