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reviewing my guests, why not

I don't know if this topic describes what I like to ask, but can't find the correct topic. Anyway: Hosting for with AirBnb And - I know how effective it is to review guests too. 

I have asked management of and they say that many motels and hotels also use them and that it is just not practical to include this idea. 

So, I thought, how about the following: Could have a special category for people like us with only small units - that we get the opportunity to review guests. 

It could be a welcoming addition and I am sure many hosts would appreciate it. It doesn't take long to do, and it helps the position of the guest too (if they behave, of course) This will actually attract the right guests to the right hosts. And if we go the extra mile, it will be appreciated. 

Guests who don't want to be recognized can go to a hotel - So the small units stands out for a good reason. Anyone??

Waikoninihomestead 5 years ago

It is interesting that guests and airbnb guests are poles apart. I think the reason is because the host cannot review guests. I does seem crazy that hosts cannot review guests but we can report bad behaviour now which is good. I do give an honest accurate reply to those who complain. Check me out.. Waikonini Homestead Peel Forest NZ. It would be good to know what other hosts think.