Reviews right of reply or automatic forcing guests to provide comments?

I am trying to canvass opinion on if someone simply clicks the sad face for all categories and then provides no comments should we be automatically given a right of reply? Or other option that they have to put a comment so we can have a right of reply. Would this improve things as I had had this happen and feel should have a right of reply. They are entitled to review as they wish but likewise I should have the opportunity to publicly comment back on this review?

Maarten 5 years ago

I think that every score lower than a 10 must have a comment by the guest. Something was not perfect and we need to know what it was we can not improve our service if we do not know what the issue was.

A review without any comments is useless for us. If I could reply to a review without a comment I do not know what to write because I do not know what the problem was.

So for me anonymous and reviews without comments should not be possible.

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Lu_Madrid 5 years ago

I also agree that all reviews should allow the hosts to reply and ask for more details, since it is completely unfair.

The whole point of the reviews is to allow other guests to know if the property is good and also to allow us, hosts, to know what can be improved. Otherwise, what is the whole point?