Room decided at check-in

Does anyone have the "Room decided at check-in" policy set up on their extranet?

If so, could you possible give some feedback on whether it works well, whether guests understand the policy when they reserve, are guests generally satisfied with the reservation or does it create more low scoring reviews etc etc ?

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi there,

Thank you for the question, I'm also interested in the answers. I'm also still a bit unclear on how exactly to go about it, but hopefully this chain will have lots of answers.

Keep well

Asad C 4 years ago

For my property, activating this policy would be problematic, mainly because my rooms are priced differently and they are also distinct in terms of furnishing and interior decor.

It may well be that some (if not most guests) may be accommodating to staying in a room allocated to them and this certainly makes it easier for planning.... BUT, you will no doubt encounter guests who will have very particular requirements and will not accept being put in a room they don't like and refuse to accept it. In this situation, what do you do, especially if you have no other rooms to assign them?

On the other hand, if all your rooms are very similar in terms of look and feel (and price), then this policy may have very little impact on any negative guest perception.

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi Asad,

That's a fair point. I wonder about the photos.

You post photos of the different rooms etc, and when the people get there it won't be the exact room as on the photo and you can bet that some guests will be very irrate about that fact. Claiming false advertising and forgetting that the add also said Allocated upon arrival.

Perhaps if Booking.com could just expand and create a place for putting, let's say you ahve 3 different types of rooms, so they put 3 photos of the rooms up and say you can be placed in any one of them. And that should pop up before they book?

Don't know how viable such a venture will be though.

Keep well!