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Searching for propertys.

I’ve been a property owner for 15 years, here is what I’ve noticed over those years with big companies taking over smaller company’s that get your property rented out.
When A person/family is looking for a property to rent for a holiday, they choose a area to go and type that town/resort in the search bar!
Then all the property’s in that town/resort pop up and those alone!!
You could have 20 propertys to choose from, nice and easy!!
Now with the bigger company’s you search for a town you get thousands of propertys in a 40k area, totally over indulging the holiday maker with propertys.
Just two years ago and for 13 years I was getting enquiries one after the other and the system worked great!!
Now for the last two years my enquiries are almost zero! And that goes for a lot of other owners I chat too!
Why has the search areas change?
I know they say you get more traffic! , but we don’t! It doesn’t work!
Why can’t it go back to how it used to operate?
Many thanks

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Judy Gathiru 5 years ago

Hi Wilden,

I would also like to know why, i have noticed the same in my area but i thought i was not marketing hard enough.

Following your comments so i can also benefit.



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S Wilden 5 years ago

Only a couple of years ago if you searched for one town, you ONLY got propertys in that town!
Now you do the same and it brings up hundreds of propertys within a perimeter of 40 kilometres! Just crazy!!