Seasonality of Breakfast

We are a small seasonal hotel that is open from mid-February until the end of October and we serve breakfast only during our busy season from May to September.

Unfortunately the BDC extranet is not able to accept the seasonality of our breakfast service.

Our low season rate plans do not have breakfast included and our high season rate plans do have breakfast included but because we have breakfast included in our high season rate plans the ‘Do You serve meals’ within the “Facilities & Services” tab is automatically set to yes.

Because of this, when a guest reserves a room that does not have breakfast included in the rate plan they are encouraged to. “Enjoy a convenient The breakfast at the property for € XX per person, per night” in their reservation confirmation.

To counteract this, in our BDC ‘Fine Print’ it states that breakfast is only available from May to September and also within our ‘welcome’ message to theses guest we repeat that breakfast is only available from May to September.

Also we are currently being encouraged by the extranet’s Opportunities tab to give Genius members ‘free breakfast’. We have now asked BDC 4 times how our ‘seasonality of breakfast’ would be accounted for within the Genius programme. For example, would the The Genius Programme's Free Breakfast only be offered to Genius guests from 1st May to 30th September, or would it be offered to Genius guests for all dates but those from 1st October to 31st October and from mid-February to 30th April would understand from the Fine Print that it is not included. So far none of the replies we have received from BDC have actually answered the question.

As we now are increasingly receiving reservations for October we thought that you guys here at the forum might be able to give us some ideas or thoughts on how we could ‘clean up’ the confusion of the ‘seasonality of breakfast’ situation on BDC. Does anyone else offer a seasonal service and how is that accounted for on the extranet?

Looking forward to hearing your views and ideas.

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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

Hi Hector, thanks for your post! It's great to hear from you.

There's another very recent thread here with a similar question. Check out fluff's solution.

Happy posting!

- Laura