Secret Deal promotion

Hi guys.

When setting up a promotion, why is it supposedly more beneficial to set it as a 'Secret Deal' instead of setting it so that 'Everyone' sees it?

Surely it is better that 'everyone' sees it and not just 'some people ?

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jaybeegee 5 years ago

My understanding is that a secret deal gets more exposure as there are advertised to specific groups of guests who specifically subscribe to recv these details plus they will appear on the newsletter. If you make it visible to everyone, it will not be included in the above.

hector 5 years ago

Hi Jaybee.

Yes, I agree that the secret deals are advertised to specific groups of guests who specifically subscribe to the newsletter, but surely 'Everyone' includes these 'Members and Newsletters subscribers' as well.

"Everyone", by its definition, must be "Members and Newsletters subscribers" and everyone else who are not members or subscribers.

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fluff 5 years ago

All the above is correct.

The reason for secret deals is to target a particular audience without effecting your parity.

Lets say there is a holiday period coming up in a part of the world that most your of your guests come through OTA "X" and few or none through BDC.

You set up the secret deal on BDC so your main supplier cannot see what you're doing. Therefore no whinging about parity and your rates with them remain as was, no extra discount necessary.

In the meantime BDC has the promo on to try and widen appeal.

There other ways of using it too, in theory at least. In practice you have to find out what works for you, if at all.