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We've been with booking.com for a few months now and really enjoy the platform and the partner community.

We are looking for one piece of advice when it comes to our property listing. We have the main room with a queen size bed (for 2 guests) and a spare room with a double bed (for up to 2 additional guests). Due to restrictions (booking.com) or lack of knowledge (on our behalf) both rooms are listed individually on booking.com. Otherwise if a guest wants to book for more than 2 guests our room(s) won't be listed in search results. Ideally we would like to list only the main room (which has a higher rate) with the spare room for additional guests. Any tips on how to set it up in that way? 

There are easy ways to set it up in that way on other platforms.


BrookAve 3 years ago




Is this still an issue?


If you have not yet figured it out, go to Inbox, Booking Messages. Click on Contact Us.


Ring the phone number and explain the situation.


I would say you are making it more complicated than is nessecary.


I have similar setup , two rooms and added as separate rooms on listing and both one after another when the same dates are availabile.


Its only if an overlapping date for one room is booked that it may not show .



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