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Share your feedback on Genius

Hi everyone! 

We’re always looking for ways to improve our programmes for our partners and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on Genius. 

The Genius programme connects our most loyal customers with participating properties resulting in an immediate increase in bookings and revenues. Genius users spend, on average, 15% more than non-Genius customers, book up to two times further in advance and cancel less frequently. 

The Genius Report—found in the Analytics tab in your extranet—gives insights into the value this programme brings to your business by showing a real-time overview and statistics to help track your return on investment.

In addition, Genius Level 3 has recently launched, bringing even more benefits to our partners. 

Have you implemented Genius yet? How is it working for you? Share your feedback in the comments!

Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

I replied earlier, only to find my reply went on the en-US version of the community, not the en-GB version ..... so, copied it below ....

Genius is a discount program. has dozens and dozens of discount programs. is all about discounting. Give people cheaper and cheaper holidays. Not a single thought given to hosts / partners earnings or support for hosts / partners or to fixing the numerous bugs and other problems in the systems. are in a race to the bottom .......

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

The Genius program is a joke!

Guests qualify on the most minimal conditions meaning that 99% of guests with BDC accounts can be Genius.

It is NOT a loyalty scheme, simply another discount as Isle of Wight Vacations  has already stated.

Genius should be focused on BDC giving some benefit(s) to the guest NOT the partners. Discounting is the most pathetic form of sales tactic borne from the weakest minds.


Scrap the marketing and sales departments and outsource to professionals.

Bring support back in-house with trained staff.

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Thanks Manager for the information shared. Your advice has been a great support for me. Look forward to seeing and reading more  information from you. Thanks a ton once again for being so helpful 😍

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago



I have joined Genius programme since I listed my property…


My guests have been always excellent…

I agree,  Genius programme is a discount program…and it stacks with other promotions….but people are always searching for better prices and discounts even for buying a pencil!!!


Travel industry is a very demanding one…

Promotion tools are essential…it’s up to us to discover what suits us better…


Wish everyone a beautiful day!!!



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Ian at Numurka… 1 year ago

we have been trying to get out saxton apartment for many years into the partner program - we note that we cannot get the % percentages to change - the system is stuck on 60% too - and we cannot get staff to understand what we are saying.  even when the review score is going up - this is not changing.  please help. 

Yuri 1 year ago

Anyone can be Genius. BDC should have a few more requirements for guests to be Genius and so be attractive for Partners to join as well.



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Ian at Numurka… 1 year ago

im not sure why the BDC sits is to offer real discounts to guests..?

wouldn't it be better to offer excellent service to guests without the owner of the property to NOT having to lose money..?   this makes sense to me. 

if BDC had a fixed rate commission for hosts - similiar to air bnb - maybe would be better..?  

airbnb have a toxic  culture. ...  unlike  BDC.  

i participated in the feedback a few days ago...  anyone else do same...?