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Shop extra income

We are thinking of opening a small shop near or in the dining room with snacks water et cetera I wonder has anyone else done this and found it to be practical or even useful?

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fluff 5 years ago

It's an idea I have been suggesting to my wife who is less keen on the idea. Admittedly we do have convenience stores very close by but still...

Additional to eaties/drinkies (we already sell these)

Basic stationery

Any toiletries not provided as standard, tooth brush, conditioner, dental floss etc.


Some of these could be self branded too.

If there is no local shop to you then go for it!

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Villa Junona Croatia 5 years ago

Before this season we were thinking of buying a drinkomat, which would sell snacks and cold drinks to our guests. So they would not need to walk about 500 metres to the local shop, which is not comfortable when outside temperature is above 42 Celsius.

But we did not. Reason is simple - Our guests can buy Cola etc. in our bar. Price is the same as in the local shop. But they still buy drinks in the shop.


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fluff 5 years ago

There is an assumed hierarchy with drinks pricing.

Cheapest to most expensive;






Most people will stick to this assumption. Some will notice your pricing does not follow the scale.