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Slow answers from BDC help.

How do you rate the response speed and quality from the internal messaging system in extranet?
For me it seems evenly split into 3 possibilities;

1) You pop your question, take note of the amount of working days quoted to answer and then..........nothing! Chase a few times and eventually someone answers.

2) You get a timely answer but it's of standardised type and seems like it was chosen at random, rarely matching the question asked.

3) You actually get a timely and logical answer.

So for me that's a 66% failure rate by BDC!

Yes, I could contact my account manager but she always calls back when I'm not there.

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fluff 4 years ago

The load should be pretty even all year as one places high season in another's low season.
I do feel if the system says " we will answer you x days" , then that is how it should be.
I'm quite sure many replies are handled by chatbots anyway, explaining the wayward answers often received.