Stay Restrictions

Hi, Good to be here, I have a query about the length of stay restrictions, I have set mine to only allow 7night bookings because of cleaning costs as i have the chalet thoroughly cleaned and all bedding, etc laundered after each visitor, but I keep receiving bookings for either single or 2 night stays, and this is making me run at a loss I check my settings regularly because if the system has an update it seems you have to re-do the setting, why does this keep happening,  I may have to come off this site as there seem to be no problems like this with AirBNB and i cannot run at a loss. Are you able to help please, many thanks, Carol

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago


Hi @Carol Verney ,


I'm sorry to hear this is happening!


If you’re using the list view calendar, you can apply these restrictions to your rooms and rates:


Have you followed the instructions in the attached help article to set 7 nights? 


@Evana Ghidinelli, would you add something else on this to guide Carol?