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Sustainable properties are attracting more travellers than ever

Dear partners,

The gradual return of travel in the past few months has given us new insight into what people are looking for in their stays – and the data is compelling. More than ever before, travellers are putting sustainability among their top considerations when booking a property.

Our latest research shows that 84% of travellers want to cut down on waste and single-use plastics on their trips. This intention is easy to translate into action, because you can now display seven different practices for single-use plastic reduction on your property page. In fact, you can display sustainability practices across five different categories, including food waste and energy and water use.

If you’re new to the topic – not to worry. Our Sustainability Handbook introduces each area and gives practical tips on how to start your sustainability journey. If you already have some sustainability practices implemented at your property, make sure you share these so that you stand out to the growing group of sustainability-minded travellers. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments below.


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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

It's always great to hear that people want to cut down on plastics etc, but the overwhelming majority of people just want a holiday, without any hassles. Sadly, many book on Booking.com and have the hassles of double bookings, confusion about directions and check-in info that they don't receive and lots of other problems caused by Booking.com ...... plastics are nowhere near the top of their priority list .....

BrookAve 2 years ago


That 84% is of how many ?


Because to me that figure is way to high to be realistic.


Despite the welcome and onboarding of guests, and explaining the use of bins and location outside the front door within 3-7 metres of their room,

they are still so lazy and just drop plastics and recycling food packaging in the kitchen where there is no bin on purposed to make them go to the bin out side front door...literally could not be simpler.


They even have to walk towards the front door and then be within 3 meters of it and the bins, so theres zero excuses.


Water Bottles bought in bulk ,like 24x 500ml Tesco water packs ,are a nessesary evil, as tap water is either undrinkable or tastes awful, it is what it is.

I did check and 2 of the 3 components of the water bottles are recyclable, except the label itself. But it has a simple manufacturing fix, use paper labels :)



Refills for various household items from coffee jars and spray cleaners, are not common enough and seem to be scarce to find too in local shops, and end up having to go online to places like Amazon UK Subscribe and Save.


Of course now thats been scuppered by the Brexit and the July 1st EU  Import Duty and vat, no longer is there a value threshold, now everything inbound to IE/EU is being taxed, from Amazon UK, even though it was not manufactured there.






Tamara Jovovic… 2 years ago

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Tamara jovovic terzic