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Topic's /Posts getting deleted ?

Sometimes I am a day or two behind a post, I get email confirmation and a copy of a post but when I click on it , it's gone. 

Has anybody else noticed this, what warrants a deletion ?

It is sort of an odd situation, partners using a forum but moderated by the company we discuss so technically we don't have free speech which I suppose you can't expect on a forum run the company.

I was reading Joey's post about the 2 single beds and I wanted to reply to it but its gone, maybe it does not happen much, but just wanted to see if others noticed it.


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Katerinka12 5 years ago

It seems to me, while you were writing your post, it took some time and Booking logged you out from the system.

In such case you should:
1) use third party service to write your replies so you will not loose your text (autosave). Use Word or Shrib (online notepad)

2) just relogin

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hey cassid ,

There are guidelines to posting on the forum : community guidelines, I know he who in question did not abide by them. So that is probably why you were unable to reply to him.

Also if you check this thread: Guest Payments and Finance FAQ you will see a section where Laura explains a bit more about deleted posts.

I semi agree with you on the "free speech" thing, considering likes controversy so much that they won't change the fact that we can't delete bad reviews, but I get why they have these guidelines. The guidelines are very wide, so you still have freedom there.