Trip Advisor Reviews VS Booking.com Reviews?

With the new season approaching, I'm turning my thoughts towards reviews and the 'conflict' between asking guests to review my guest house on Trip Advisor and the automatic request sent from Booking.com for a guest to submit a review for the Booking.com site. In my experience, only rarely will a guest write two reviews, so currently the Booking.com (as they contact a guest very quickly about their experience) seems to hoover them up. While this is all well and good, a lack of Trip Advisor reviews sees you slipping down their 'chart' as scores are not only calculated on the quality of the review (number of balls), but on the quantity of reviews too. Has any forum member got any ideas about this and also how the new data protection rules coming in during May will affect our communications with guests by email?

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Veronika Group 6 years ago

If you are selling more nights over B.com then definitely go with that. If it's another way around then go with Trip.

I would definitely recommend sending your guests an email encouraging them to leave a review on B.com even though they send an automatic one because the guests tend to ignore it. Also, you will encourage guests that had a great experience also leave a review which leads to a more balanced overall review score.