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Updates on Guest Reviews System

Hi everyone,

During the past three weeks, we have experienced some technical issues with the Guest Review system. The problem particularly affected the approval process for replies posted by partners, leading to some delay in publication. Our developers worked on a fix and we are happy to confirm that this issue has been resolved.

Of previous replies affected by this issue, 92% will be approved automatically with a further two weeks required for the remainder. Any reply submitted from 19 August onwards should not be affected.

Thank you so much for your feedback,

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Kootenay Country Inn 4 years ago


I think your new updates on guest review system will be more effective if you narrowed the score scale from 1 to 10 to 1 to 5 which is being used by Trip Adviser and most of other booking/review sites online.

1 to 10 scale in a way gives feeling of being graded by school teacher or institution that gives points to fail or pass your work. All travelers have different opinions and different preferences on a same situation. It is unfair to have 1 very finicky guest mark average as 5 when most sees 5 as failing horrible point and they expect average to be 7.5....

Anyhow most travelers are used to 1 to 5 scale where 3 is mid range and that will portray more fair view of all guest. 

thank you~

Inactive user
4 years ago

We all agree the new system is flawed and counter productive but Booking.com didn't even send an apology letter to the hosts. Amateur to say the least.

Robin Sherwood 4 years ago

Sadly booking.com have become too arrogant and are not listening, the attitude is "tough you're all in the same boat". They're treating the paying customers with contempt at the moment, that's us and not the guests. As I've said elsewhere upset your customers at your peril. 

Guest Relations 4 years ago

This reply is not accurate. I have recent review responses that have not been approved in a timely manner and some going back to Jan. 2019! It's affecting my score and making me angry. I also disagree with the overall scores. How can a guest give all 10's and the overall score be a 3.5? That's ridiculous. I agree with a 1-5 scale. If all marks are a 5, the total score should be a 5.

Casa Castellet 4 years ago

Dear colleagues. I'm reading and following this forum about review scores since I have discovered that our complaints about the review rule is getting most of us angry.   

What is worst is the lack of professionalism at Booking.com.
According to its system, it is the Sun that orbits around the Earth, which (they are now sure) is flat.

I am now obliged to explain my guest how that system functions, together with some thoughts on Booking.  

Let's get back on track now.  Since the forum doesn't get us nowhere, I wonder if anyone got a decent reply form the management, which IMHO, does not include the persons who are in charge of the forum.  So far I have encountered a rubber wall. Very disappointing indeed.

I agree on Kootenay Country Inn: >>...guest review system will be more effective if you narrowed the score scale from 1 to 10 to 1 to 5 which is being used by Trip Adviser and most of other booking/review sites online.<<

Guest Relations 4 years ago

I have multiple recent review replies that have not been approved yet. The glitch is still there. I believe booking.com is not attempting to fix it, so why respond to reviews at all? Also, the scores are skewed. If the guest gives all 10's with no comments why is the final score a 3 or a 6? It should be a ten! Where are they getting these numbers from?