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Using via Nightsbridge

Hi All,

Reaching out to anyone using linked to Nightsbridge.

Most of my bookings are via and with the new payment methods introduced for SA I am really happy to partner with them.

The problem I find is that whilst my rates, bookings, etc are automated, any specials offered by Booking.Com cannot be utilized.  If I add specials in Nightsbridge these do not appear in either.  In fact it makes my place unbookable.  Despite trying to resolve this with both parties many times over, all suggestions just do not work.

I am now desperate and considering removing the link and would like to find out if anyone else did this and what the pro's and cons are.  




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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

If both platforms are direct booking you may have to ask the help desk how to solve it.

In my Airbnb platform there is the possibility for guests to inform about available dates first before booking and there is flexibility with rates.

That helps! So this way I can keep both platforms and do with the prices whatever is suitable.

One is directly booked, the other isn't.

Does that help?


Aaltje B.