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Hello from.Prague, Till now I don't recedved code.Then my clients do not se my apparmant ! it is already 1 year when I try to explane you, like I don't have in that place post box! It is possible to mamage to end me code place another way? Thank you for the help


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Vera Raskova


Welcome to the Partner Community.

You are not addressing BdC support, only partners and volunteers, BdC Community Team.


Unfortunately you made the mistake of being the first reply to your own topic when you should have just edited it.


When you make that mistake , it removes the topic from the Unanswered list, into the recent list which then when there are alot of postings , it will get pushed down until it is no longer visible.


I make a point of checking the recent list to try prevent that from happening but i'm not always around and no one else does it.


Actual Topic :  Registered 12 months ago and do not have a mailbox, and not verified.


So the main issue here is you are still not verified after 12 months.


Can you still logon to the Extranet ? https://admin.booking.com


It is likely your account may be suspended or deleted after that long.


You may have to start a new registration.


But before you do that contact BdC Support to ask for an alternative method.


Note: when you say you have no mailbox , do you just mean that physically but do have a property with an actual address?


If yes then surely the postman can just put letters under the door or you can go buy an external drop box for post in the space of 12 months?





Contact options : 

If Extranet Inbox access - Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods


If none - contact one of our main lines


Do not be surprised if they ask you to register, just do it and see what happens.


Kind Regards