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Water Shortages and the Negative Impact on Bookings

With the water shortages in Cape Town, our occupancy has taken a tremendous knock with the worst season ever. Even with a superb review score of 9 and very competitive rates in addition to specials, discounts and give-aways, we are still not able to boost our property's performance.

The water crisis appears to be under control and the city has made tremendous progress to ensure that our visitors will not be impacted in any way. However, it seems like the damage is done and it may take another full season to recover.

I was wondering if many other hotels and guesthouses in Cape Town are in the same "beached boat"? Any tips on how we can tackle this crisis or just best to "wait it out?




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Martin 4 years ago

Hi Linzi!

Greetings! It is unfortunate that you are experiencing tough times in good times - water shortage in high season. Good news that the problem has been solved - though partially. To "wait it out" - I would say NO. You see Linzi, Cape Town is ranked the best City in Africa and among the best in the world. Guests coming to Cape Town are lookig forward to a dream come true - to experience the culture - Ubuntu; go back in history - the Cape of Good Hope; the Atlantic breeze;the order in the city; the 'nest'; to serf; golf; polo; fishing; biking; walk; dine; drink; relax; and so much more! If you get just enough water to keep your guests comfortable, they wouldn't mind - and again, just share with them in a kind way about the problem, they will appreciate even more.

In hospitality, comfort is the name of the game - let your guests feel comfortable in Cape Town and you will be surprised how they will own the water problem - they will ride on despite the challenges at hand.

Wishing you a fruitful season.

Bro. Martin

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Linzi 4 years ago

Good morning Bro. Martin,

Thank you for taking he time to respond. I'm in total agreement with what you say. I was more hoping to find a way to get the visitors to see past the negative publicity and actually come to Cape Town. Once here, it's all plain sailing.

I have used the platform of social media to push the fact that the water crisis is under control. So far, I have had a few cancelled bookings reinstated as a result. Slowly but surely...

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead.



Iainfran1 4 years ago

Now the water shortage appears to be a under control , the power black outs hit of up to 8 hours a day for some areas. I have not had any bookings from booking com at all for the last 12 months and it has got northing to do with prices

In fact if things don't improve I may well have to go out of business in this field.

If public owned utilities cannot provide the power and water needed and there is no alternative supplier we are in a canoe without a paddle approaching a waterfall.