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Webdirect Bookingsuites Is it Worth a While ?

Hello Everyone.

I was in process of making booking suites website through which I am expecting some additional visibility and revenues. Would love to know if my peer hosts has also tried it and how was the experience.

Happy Hosting to everyone.

Thanks in advance.

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Le Balcon des Jasses 5 years ago

BookingSuide, when I made My BookingSuide, I was exited, lower commision, and did it for free. Now 4 years after, I only have very few booking from this web side, its great, but its not working at all -for me - (Chahorbooking)

I will be happy to work more with this, get it working, but I need help from BookingSuide, I do not have time / experience to do it busy with

Thank you for bring this up

Le Balcon des Jasses