Westlake, Louisiana is in the wrong place on the map

Westlake Louisiana is located in the middle of the triangle of three cities, Sulphur, Lake Charles and Moss bluff.  But if you do a search on booking.com it shows the motels listed over fifty miles away, yet it says they are within 10 miles of Westlake. This is a huge problem because there is a major construction project going on in Westlake, La. but people who search for a motel near by are not finding the hotels near Westlake. I have tried to address this through the in box on the extranet, but I got nowhere. Can this be addressed?

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Vesna 6 years ago

Sure it can. All that you need to do is to send message through inbox and put subject Property details and subtopic Other.

The issue might be that those properties wrote while registering that they are located there or they marked in their extranet that distance from it is 10 miles.

I would send it to Booking if the guests might be confused with it