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Who knows how can allow a taxi company to list its services on its platform?

I wish someone could help me  how to list a taxi company in I  believe if i can pin a listed taxi company in my property page this can boost a number of bookings since a guest will stay assured security and still minimize the challenge of searching for legit taxi services.Am in Kenya and i have not encountered a single listed company.

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jaybeegee 4 years ago


why dont you simply enable all the transportation options available on the property details? so things like airport shuttle etc.

another option is to add the taxi services in property description.

Also try adding a picture of the property with all the details of the taxi company and set it as the landing page if you think it will be a big boost.

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Kibokoafrica 4 years ago

Yes yes adding a picture with details of a taxi company is a to the point advice.Thank you!