Why my number of guests on searching page doesnt change although I had modified in admin.booking.com already?

I have a problem that when I followed the instruction of the booking.com page to enter the Property Layout and change the number of guest of the property to 2 guests can stay in this property, then I checked on the page to see if they changed or not, my number of guests on booking.com searching page is still set on 1 guest. This bothers me very much for when my customers search, the page set automatically to 2 adults and the page noticed my property is sold out (not fit for 2 adults in its language).

If any of the booking,com staff read this, please recommend me a solution to this bug or glitch the page is having.

consuelo ruiz 4 years ago

Hi Thanh

Try to set the price per occupation in rates and availability and there it gives you option for one or two pax.

Thành Long 4 years ago

Thank you very much! I contacted to the booking.com technician and they help me.