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Will support us, when we try to open again??

We are all partners, will not exist without us, small important, hard workings partners,  we are paying a commission, for a very good job, Booking provides us. Thank you. I have been a partner in many years, and I am still grateful and a happy partner. 

The way - for years - try to improve our amount of bookings, and clients are to give a different kind of discounts. Genius, Booking, on Mobile phone, Last-minute Booking, stay two days, get one free, and much more. I only use Genius, I'm selling Quality, not discount.

Now we all are in a very difficult situation, Inclusive our big Partner,, we are all the same. Is hurt all of us. 

Now I like the BIGGEST, To care for the Smallest. -  "Dear, come up with a Program, to keep going, to put a very little optimism back to your small partners."

From the day we all can open, work, do what we like, keep going, keep give commission to, Please from the day we open, and two, three, or four-month ahead? BOOKING.COM WILL "ONLY" CHARGE 40 / 50% Commission, Get us Back on Track. Its a very little help, but a Mentality very important help and support. Please let me know if anybody will support this idea. All the best, To everybody: STAY SAFE, STAY HOME

Hug from Lucy

Le Balcon des Jasses (closed)

Faith Stadhouer 3 years ago

Good day Dear

Are your % commission correctly typed? I will support this if your percentage make a little sense though. Maybe I don't understand.

Please give clearance regarding your percentage.

Many thanks

Kind regards

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.neri 3 years ago

I agree. is definately larger and richer and can give support. 

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Of course I support your idea Lucy.

Tourism is one of the most affected sectors during this pandemic, bringing us hosts in a very dramatic situation.


This suffering crisis will not end very easily and nobody can say when traveling will be safe...

Even my relatives from Canada that visit us every summer  for the last 20 years...they are thinking of canceling their travel even though the cancellation flight fees are enormous.


BDC is a leader and I am sure they are studying very hard this severe case that we are all part of.

We have to be together in this so we can survive!!!



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Le Balcon des Jasses 3 years ago

Thank you, you are right. Our health and the care of family, and customers is important.

Out family have cancelled holidays as well, we look at them all in a e.mail.

I miss my customers, I still have bookings from the end of May to October, but I got cancellations almost daily.

Wish you well, looking forward if will reply.

Hi from Lucy

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Having to keep distance from our is very difficult but we have no other choice if we want to survive through this crisis.

I also hope that will help us

Stay safe....stay at home.