Wrong position at pinpoint of village


We are rather new att Booking.com. We have property in a small village in Poland.

My problem is that on BDCs map the pinpoint for the village is in the wrong position but our property is in the right position So at BDC it say that or property is about 3km from the village when in fact is in the middle of it.

I have been trying to get BDC to change the location of the village pinpoint for a month but I get only stupid answers back.

The latest I got now is to contact Google Map to change the pinpoint. The problem is that Google Map has no such pinpoints of villages and cities and in BDCs map the pinpoints has links to BDC search screen so and cant't imagine that Google put in pinpoints with links to BDC. Has anybody any suggestion how to convince BDC that it is their pinpoint ?

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Saad Zyada 4 years ago

BDC has its own map locations which is not related to Google

If you have a wrong location in Booking.com map only Booking.com staff will modify it

I would recommend if you try to reach the content team.