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about to miss out on the Preferred Partner Program

Not withstanding our best efforts it seems that we will be missing out on the Preferred Partner Program as we did not generate the expected amount of bookings in eyes of

We are very low volume (1 apartment) and the area is seasonal attracting guests only in the summer really.

Do you find this status is important for improving bookings? When i am booking i must admit it is not something I generally look for!


Also hovering on the icon implies we are paying an extra commission - is this the case?


In case are looking I think you should rejig the email as it is a rather email and makes me cringe and want to switch to another provider.



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Thuild - Your …

Dear Jay,

You pay an extra 3% commission.

You should not care much about this if your unit usually gets fully booked in the season. If you aim to get the best placement in searches and more bookings, then yeah, this might be a thing to keep. Other than that, I am yet to see the difference.


Zsolt -

10 months ago

thank you - I guess it helps to pay that little bit extra for a better page ranking but interesting to hear your feedback on the status.

10 months ago