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The Sarmadi desert night camp is very well located in the highest sand dunes of the sand dunes of Wahiba / Sharq Al Sharqiya in a secluded place characterized by tranquility and tranquility, enjoyment of Bedouin life and adventure driving while the camp uses eco-friendly solar systems and candles.

* The camp contains 5 tents Bedouin style, and 2 bathrooms are available and shared (spray) with the camp inmates.

* The traditional council (Al-Arish Al-Badawi) is located with an open tent for Omani and Bedouin hospitality and hospitality.

* Accommodation includes two buffet meals for free for breakfast and dinner for guests, Omani food (Omani roast, bush meat and fish) in the traditional way.

* Scenic views of sunset and sunrise, and enjoy watching the stars.

* Free parking is available.

* 4x4s are necessary to reach the camp, or you can have a traditional ride on the camels at an additional cost with advance booking.

* 4-wheel drive can be provided at an additional cost.

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Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

This is a gorgeous description of your property, I hope that you have this listed on your file as this is just the forum where the partners can chat and discuss topics regarding Bookings.

The forum is here for when you need any advice or if you even have advice to offer other people.

Good for you though, keep well!

2 years ago