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Boost your visibility by increasing commision fee - yes or no?

I would like to know what is your experience with the commission fee increase. Did it result in a higher booking rate?


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Hi Supic,

You pose a good question as I've been offered the 'preferred partner program' for the privilege of having to pay an extra 3% commission. I think the 12% we pay is quite adequate - it is, after-all, in the interest of both and their partners to maximise guest bookings. appears to have a very good business model and achieves one of the highest rate of guest bookings in Australia. The 'preferred partner program' is a bit of clever marketing - we do the extra exceptional work as hosts, attract good reviews, entice more guests and are then given the option for a 'thumbs-up' sign for an extra 3% commission - go figure :)



1 year ago

Hi Supic

I presume you are referring to the Visibility Booster in your extranet?

Personally, I do not find that of much help, the max pages improvement for my holiday let apartment in Edinburgh UK, is only around 2 pages by increasing the commission.

What I have done so far is getting into the Preferred Partner Programme as Adlerrp suggested, at 18% in total in UK.

Reviews from guests helps too.

Otherwise I rarely use Visibility booster on nowadays.

Hope it helps


1 year ago

Hi Blagoje,

I paid them 18% commission for three years and finally realized how stupid I was.
During the three years I gave them an amount that corresponds to the value of the luxury car.

Rather than treating me as a loyal partner, they've abolished promotions in the extranet
and tried to force me to a commission of 23%.I returned to the initial 15% and I would never give them a penny more.

Thumb is just a trick! So my answer is :NO!
(BTW; Richard, in Australia you pay 12%?)

I wish you a good business,

1 year ago

I tried in the extranet to boost my hotel higher up the page for the local town I am on

I would have to pay in excess of 70% commission to get higher up the page !

Still being in charge of my faculties I know those large hotels at the top of my page do no pay this high commission so why are they higher up the page than me ?? The default is "OUR TOP PICKS" but despite having the best review score for my towns page I am down the list and not a TOP PICK

Its always the big hotels that are at the top of the page and so I wonder if they are TOP PICKS and at the top because they generate more commission ??

I cannot think of any other reason and would love to be corrected if I am wrong

Why do hotels in Australia pay less commission than we do in the UK? I thought it was only Apple that operated this unfair charging policy worldwide!

1 year ago

Hallo Everyone,

as a new member on l would like to thank you for the good Question Blagoje, the answears are amazing especially from Simonuttimusic and David.


1 year ago

In HAWAII they are gauging is 20%!!
And asking for so many reductions for the guest. Nothing REALLY for the owner tho they send “opportunities” that are not in our interest or backed up in the end if guest complains or has a rediculous request.

1 year ago

I think you need to set a limit on commission and stick with it. The commission charged is high already and paying any more (especially for one night bookings) would make it not worth while - once you take the commission charge, cleaning costs, laundry costs, extras such as tea, coffee, biscuits and flowers, card handling fees etc there is little profit left for the smaller establishments. Would any extra visibility at a higher cost really increase bookings overall, or just reduce profits further?

1 year ago

Last time I used the extranet I increased my commission up to 50% and it only moved me up from 15 to 11 on my towns page
So I gave up

1 year ago
P Jarrett

I have just tried to use the booster, for the quiet months on November, January and February. Moved it up to 20% commission but noticed no increase in my standing in the village, despite being the highest rated score 9.9 guest review on Funny - the biggest hotel with the most rooms to sell always is at the top of the page with the default setting 'our top picks'. Wonder why??????

8 months ago
Nikolas Archanco

I had the same experience, "visibility boost" commission din't made any difference for me. 23% of commission and no remarkable results, so I am deciding to turn to 15% wright now! In my área, northern Spain, I do not see anyone using it, so it should give me take ahead from competitive set, but nothing..

5 months ago