Changing Software system to Eviivo

I am thinking about changing our software system to eviivo and am just wondering do any of the partners use this platform, is it effective and would you recommend switching to them?

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Thuild - Your …

Not a good idea, here's why:

- you can connect to 3 Channels, after which you might pay a hefty amount, not cool for the future

- they charge you for each confirmed booking, which is BS

- the channel list is poor, not many channels, although main ones are there

Good part:

- they do payment processing, but you should check the commissions that apply

Your decision, but there are better options out here.


Zsolt - www.thuild.com

1 year ago

Thanks very much Zsolt I have read mixed reviews but all the negative reviews sound the same I think I will look elsewhere. thanks again

1 year ago