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Dealing with cancelations and no shows

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I have a problem with guests booking and not showing up. They don't cancel or send a message to say why. I decided to be patient and rather find a way of dealing with this issue

2 years ago

i have the same problem too. i even contact the CS and they cant even help but there was a time last December when i emailed CS and the representative was able to cancel the booking and that was even before the date booked. yes the guest dont even reply or answer calls/emails nor update their booking. this leads to loss in guest who wants to book on that particular date. sucks

2 years ago
Ata Bayat

Hi Christien,

You have 2 option in this case which i have experienced,

1, You change your payment method to Payments By Booking.com which you will be 100% sure that you will receive your payment or due to your cancelation policy, you will receive partly

2, Cash only with deposit, you will ask your guests for credit card or PayPal for deposit that incase they don't show up, you can charge them your cancelation fee

But if you choose neither of them, then you have to contact them somehow, call the phone number they provided or write them SMS, Whats app, to get the confirmation but in this case, it can happen that they don't show up at all.

Keep up the good work!

2 years ago


Your client wants to cancel booking for my flat!

Booking.com doesn't allow us to manage online payments yet, so we're forced to cash, but I'm hoping the guest needs to give credit card number, as a guarantee to book the room.

For the future, is there an option for your clients to pay the deposit / block deposit amount online while the room payment is done with cash?

Kind Regards,

2 years ago

How to get support letter from booking.com

2 years ago
Bandara Hotels…

You can pre-authorise guest credit card to check that card is valid or not. Also you can do full prepayment and non refund policy.

2 years ago