Discount Guests

Hallo everyone,
I am sactified with booking.com since 80% from my bookings come through them and l find there system easy to use.
My only Problem is that l have realized or come to the Experience that most of the Guests Sitting and Waiting for good Discounts online to make a booking, they are really negatively special. This group of People (sure not all But 60% of them) they always have something negativ to complain about, they always try to demand more Extras even though l give the same Services to everyone, mostly they still try to have a longer check out even though the rules are Clear, they come more people than they booked officially with the excuse this two will olny stay for a Night or two!! They steal something in the Apartment, there children urinate on the bed and leave the house in a Mess behind for the owners to clean!!! And if not enough they try to leave a negative Comment online!.
Is there anyone Facing the same issues? Your Comments will really be appreciated.
Erlebnisurlaub Laboe.

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