Error uploading 360º Pictures

Dear Gentlepersons, I am writing to you on behalf of the owner of the property on Booking.com since he does not speak fluent English. Yesterday I called Booking support center about the error I experience when uploading 360º photos. Every time I upload a picture the website would give me a message of error that states "failed to create photo". Could you please check if there's something wrong with the upload system, or let me know if I should prepare my file in a certain way to upload it? Error Message Best Regards, Kirill Zakomoldin

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Bandara Hotels…

I didn't know that we can upload 360 on Booking.com. Hopefully my hotel can add soon.

1 year ago
Matteo Faggiani

I have the same problem. I upload my photos from the 360 photo function of my Huawei P20

3 months ago