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Hi everyone im Debbie from pack and go holidays I have been with booking.com for over 12 months now and still learning now, be never been afraid of hard work in passionate of my business customers both old and new i like to go above and beyond to personally know they have all had a great stay a good experience and if we can improve in any way. As to yet I'm still waiting for any customer to give me improvements advise. It's important to me people are not just money in the till that they are valued . Even just an over night stay there as important as a person staying 7 days. I listen to every customer and suppose that's why I won awards for 2018 which I was so chuffed to have got i shed a tear !! 

Having stayed in several hotels that are also with  booking.com to my horror didn't deliver the service i expected i was treated and spoken to like I was a moose i made them aware i was with booking.com then came the verbal abuse i was accused of spying and much more.... 

I won't be going to any of them again ....

What i would  like to say is thank you all who have given me advise which I took on-board the support when I started and booking.com for being so patient and helpful to me .

Pack and go holidays will always have a do it open to welcome you all i wish anyone who is just starting don't b ed afraid to ask listen and learn 

Good luck to you all 


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Firstly hello and welcome.

I'm amazed by the reactions from hotels you've stayed at, good grief!

I value comments from other hoteliers more highly than any other, I have implemented several points that have been made and been very thankful for them. Some comments have not been appropriate to us but still gratefully received. You can also look up their hotel to see if they are actually honest in their claims too!

Never too new or seasoned to learn, one of the worst things we can do is be stuck in our ways, especially in an industry that is constantly and rapidly changing.

I remember my very first job within a government ministry, I suggested a better to do something and had the same old reply "but we've always done it this way..", I would respond "soooooo?"......

8 months ago