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Good morning,

I have  a question. Is there a way to 'remind' (by booking.com not by private message) guests  to leave a feedback after their stay? I hate when people check out congratulating that everything was perfect, clean, bla bla bla.. and then no feedback! It happens quite often and it's a pity :(

thank you in advance

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Aaltje B.

Hi Maria A Airam.


There is no way to force people making them write a review.

Most are kind to do so, but some will never do. 

You could request your guests to put a review by writing in your own folder with information that guests read. And explain why.

This helps me. But still, people think: "I am on holiday, can't be bothered..."

I do often connect with guests. If you don't see guests and interact, it is less obvious to receive a review. 

But, by trying to add little things to people's stay, the reviews will come. That will be different for every guest, but listening to what a guest needs is best. 

Some don't want isolation, be left alone, some want to tell long stories. It all depends. 

Some need special advice as to where you can find the best attraction, the best walk, restaurant, art-gallery etc. Give as much updated flyers or links via the web about things in your area, in the rooms where people stay.

The reviews will come in. 


Hope this helps, 


Aaltje B. 




1 month ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi! Maria 

Aaltje is absolutely right about reviews but you can politely ask your guest to leave you a review when you shake their hands and wave goodbye...

As far as I know the guest inbox message remains open  for a couple of days  so  you can send a message to them if you want....

Best wishes...

1 month ago