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guests messages

When i recive a message from booking into my email inbox, appears defferent as the messages on my host booking account. Also when i read the message, appears as it is not read.

When i am trying to find other messages, do not appear nothing, but on my email of outlook account appear the messages guest with information i would like to answer, but i can t.


For example in outlook the message says she is going to bring a dog but in my booking account box do not appear nothing about this message.

Anybody knows why?



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The best and fast way to reply to your guests is through Pulse app. The messages do appear correctly. I don't recommend to use Outlook, because you have to be 100% sure about messages delivered on time and showed correctly. Extranet is taking too much time to sign in and then still click until you reach messaging. Unlike Pulse is just 1 second to start writing to your guest.

6 months ago